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  • How to transfer urban good practice – lessons from an URBACT study

    The transfer of good practice between cities works. Find out what URBACT has been learning about the keys to success.

  • Croatia earthquake: URBACT cities rally support for devastated Petrinja

    Find out how its former URBACT partner cities are supporting Petrinja at its time of need.

    Amy Labarrière

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  • URBACT’s European partners positive about the future programme

    A stakeholder consultation has confirmed a positive external view of the plans for URBACT IV.

    Nuala Morgan

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  • URBACT bright spots to look forward to in 2021

    What will URBACT be up to in 2021? Check out 8 of our highlights for the year ahead.

  • URBACT’s top articles of 2020!

    Check out our quick review of the most popular content among URBACT readers during 2020.

  • 2020. How will it be remembered by URBACT?

    Knowledge Hub Editor Ed Thorpe wraps up the URBACT programme’s main takeaways from 2020 – it was quite a year.