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Hear from the URBACT community on today’s most pressing challenges and inspiring examples from all around Europe. Find the inspiration you have been looking for to put knowledge into action!

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  • Culture and inclusion: URBACT cities contribute to the EU Urban Agenda

    Music for all, pop-up venues, community museums… URBACT cities help define EU proposals to promote inclusion through culture.

  • “URBACT and France, a story of mutual inspiration”: Meet the head of URBACT’s Managing Authority

    François-Antoine Mariani is Director-General Delegate for Urban Affairs at France’s National Agency for Territorial Cohesion.

    Amy Labarrière

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  • URBACT City Festival 2022: a carbon-neutral challenge

    How we’re keeping climate impact to a minimum at our big event for EU cities, in Greater Paris on 14-16 June.

  • Greening as a pathway to resilience in urban areas

    Leafy places in cities can greatly improve health and happiness. But here’s the thing: green isn’t always good for everyone.

  • Six solutions for city authorities to help us all waste less food

    Each year, EU households throw away millions of tonnes of food. What can cities do to support the fight against food waste?

  • City-led initiatives across Europe to help Ukrainian people

    Find out about some of the ways EU countries are helping Ukraine.