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They say all good things come to an end. It may well be true, but there are memories to share that cannot be cancelled... especially if they look towards the future, instead of simply dwelling on the past. Would you like to browse through the pages of our "UrbanGuide" handbook (available also on LuluPress)? Or would you rather sit comfortably on your chair and watch the video-documentary by Paolo Guglielmetti, telling you our complete and unabridged story?


MAPS URBACT / A journey on the re-use of the former military assets



If you don't have 17 minutes to spend all in one go, you can take it in smaller "doses" both on our YouTube Channel and Wordpress website: five episodes taking you - after a brief introduction to our project and an overview on the URBACT world - from the involvement of local stakeholders to the work of the ULG, from the local problems that needed be addressed to the themes developed, right to the lessons learnt during this adventure.

MAPS project introduction (00:48)



What about URBACT (01:41)



Involve the local stakeholders (02:05)



The work done by the ULG (01:54)



How address the local issues (01:50)



Themes developed (03:12)



Lessons from the network (03:09)



Wherever your choice leads you, what you'll find is more than a simple overview on two and a half years of work as partners of an URBACT network. There are feelings, expectations, plans and an essential philosophy: bringing dismissed military assets back to life means waking our cities up too. Maybe not with a prince's kiss, as in fairytales, but with a new approach to urban planning policies, which you may discover in each of our IAPs. You can find them all here, among the documents in our URBACT MAPS Library, which you can access directly from this page, or in the dedicated section of our Wordpress website: indulge and enjoy!

Piacenza IAP / Former Pontieri workshop a place for the new social deal for the city: increase the urban population of the centre; building a reference model in the field of urban planning approach; reuse the area to increase sport, cultural, educational facilities in a sustainable city strictly connected to the river Po. For a synthetic reading of the IAP, look at the Piacenza posters!

Serres IAP / The former military heritage as a cultural and social HUB for the entire city. A new narrative for the tourism development of the city: from “sun and sea” to “history, heritage and culture”. For a synthetic reading of the IAP, look at the Serres posters!

Varazdin IAP / Former Optujska military complex as a new urban model (city sub centre) to balance the urban quality and life in all the sectors of Varaždin. For a synthetic reading of the IAP, look at the Varazdin posters!

Szombathely IAP / Former Hussar Barracks: a new green city centre for the innovation (social, cultural, and for business) and for a sustainable lifestyle. For a synthetic reading of the IAP, look at the Szombathely posters!

Telsiai IAP / Former Soviet Army camp: a place to drive business development (local or from other Countries) in close relation with the vibrant cultural and social core of the city. For a synthetic reading of the IAP, look at the Telsiai posters!

Koblenz IAP / Fort Asterstein a new cultural HUB for the city. For a synthetic reading of the IAP, look at the Koblenz posters!

Longford IAP / The Connolly Barracks: a new urban HUB to drive the city and the territory. The former military heritage as a driver to provide the link to the heritage and history of the town, improves the physical connections in the area, and provide a social dividend for the people of Longford. For a synthetic reading of the IAP, look at the Longford posters!

Espinho IAP / The Atlantic Park. Sport, wellness, environment, culture and social integration: these are the ingredients used by the city of Espinho to support the reuse of the former military heritage. For a synthetic reading of the IAP, look at the Espinho posters!

Cartagena IAP / Los Moros fortress: a reversing perspective for the city. The project of reuse of Los Moros fortress will be a reference model (integrated urban approach) for the surrounding neighbourhoods, and for the entire city: social cohesion, inclusion, local cultural offer and cultural reference in the Mediterranean Arc. These are the keywords from the city of Cartagena. For a synthetic reading of the IAP, look at the Cartagena posters!

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