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Edited on 28/08/2020

What is the youth's vision of the environmental situation the world is currently facing?

Responding to the Urb-En Pact network partners, a young student and videographer from Clermont-Ferrand, Lola Fauveau, produced a film related to the teeanagers' point of view about climate change and the necessary balance between energy production and consumption regarding sustainability.

Lola was given carte blanche, with no instructions or requirements, and invited to the Urb-En Pact kick-off meeting held in Clermont-Ferrand in september 2019, to interview some of the partners of the network.

The objective was to grasp the unaltered and natural perspective of young city-dwellers as actors of their city and builders of tomorrow.

Lola's film has been selected by the Poitiers environmental film festival / documentary category.

Submitted by Hélène Mazaleyrat on 25/08/2020
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Hélène Mazaleyrat

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