How can cities lead the change towards a circular economy? Reflections from the In4Green Thematic Working Group on Circular Economy

Edited on 10/04/2024

Group work in circular economy workshop in Solingen © Medienproduktion der Stadt Solingen.

The first of two, circular economy thematic working groups took place in Solingen on 28th February as part of the In4Green network. The working group looked at the circular economy policy context, how to design solutions, as well as reflecting on stakeholder involvement through a variety of case study examples



The linear economic model – why can’t things just stay the same


The working group kicked off by reflecting on some of the inefficiencies and impacts of the current take, make, waste system of production and consumption.

A picture of dying Lough Neagh - a putrid green, provided a stark image of what happens when narrow economic interests take precedence over the wider social, economic and environmental needs of society.

Lough Neagh, the largest lake in the UK and on the island of Ireland, provides 40% of the drinking water of Northern Ireland. It provides vital tourism, leisure and fishing related ecosystem services to the people there and is arguably the region’s most valuable natural asset.

Now, it is dying.