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Edited on 06/01/2021

Do you know how you can support the reactivation of vacant buildings through marketing, promotion and communication activities?

The partners of the ALT/BAU network have found the following solutions.

The partners of the AlT/BAU network discussed at the thematic meeting in Vilafranca in March 2019 what they can do in support of the reactivation and reuse of their vacant buildings and flats. One answer was:


The ‘Housing agency’ of Chemnitz presented their local marketing and communication approach, which follows a target-group and product focused marketing strategy. In addition, they implement communication activities with owners of empty and derelict buildings and with potential investors and users.

Urban Lab of Turin applies a whole toolbox of communication tools to reach their target groups: exhibitions, maps, conferences, lectures, workshops, guided tours, publications and media relations.

Both presentations were highly appreciated by the participants and can be downloaded here.


Besides the presentations, the participants reflected the input in two parallel workshops, defining target groups and the objectives of marketing and communication activities with regards to these target groups. As the target groups are quite diverse ranging from alternative housing groups to mass media and real estate agencies, the information needs of these target groups are quite diverse and respectively the objectives and activities of marketing and communication.

The results of the workshops can be download here.


In summary, the participants widened their knowledge about marketing, promotion and communication activities to support the reactivation and reuse of vacant buildings and flats. They learnt that there is a variety of such activities that have to be used in a target- and group-oriented way.

Submitted by Nils Scheffler on 28/08/2019
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