New beginnings: the start of a journey

Edited on 10/04/2024

Group picture of +50 attendees to the Kick-off meeting in Avilés in front of a modern building (Niemeyer Center) in Avilés

On the 24th and 25th of October, the first transnational meeting of the In4Green network was held in the heart of Avilés, bringing together representatives from 10 industrial cities in Europe

A deep dive into Avilés’ industry

On the morning of the first day, the meeting kicked off with an insightful symposium which provided a comprehensive understanding of how collaboration, innovation, development, and social cohesion converge to form the backbone of Avilés’ industrial success. The round tables delved into the city's unique model of public-private partnership, highlighting the existent synergies between public bodies, social partners, and private companies.

The first round table, titled "Avilés Model for Economic Development, Sustainability, Employment, and Social Cohesion," provided a comprehensive overview of how Avilés has successfully integrated innovation and sustainable development into its industrial fabric.

The second round table, focusing on Avilés' public-private collaboration with leading companies, showcased real-world success stories. Industry leaders from ArcelorMittal and IDONIAL R&D Center shared how these partnerships are driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of industry standards in Avilés.


5 speakers of the first round table discussing



Shared dreams, diverse cities

All the partners of the In4Green network are united by a common commitment: to lead transformative change within European industry and strive for a greener future. Nonetheless, our cities are well aware that, to achieve this goal, they must overcome their specific local challenges and forge their paths towards a green transition.

Based on the findings of the Lead Expert of the Network, Jose Costero, during the initial study visits to the network cities, a participatory session was held. The local challenges, good practices and learning needs of each city were identified and shared, and all attendees had the chance to discuss their expertise and background in relevant topics such as circular economy, energy transition, digitalization and investment attraction.


Exploring possibilities

Sharing and transferring successful industrial models among the cities of the network is a fundamental part of the mission of In4Green. For this reason, several study visits were organised in order to showcase Avilés’ best practices and initiatives.

The study visits included explorations of the Renewable Energy Exhibition (NorteRenovables), IDONIAL Foundation, and ArcelorMittal. Partners had the opportunity to connect with relevant stakeholders and experts in the field and gain a better grasp on the strengths of Avilés’ industry first-hand.  


Great Things Await

The kick-off meeting marks a promising first step for the implementation of network. In4Green partners returned to their cities with insights, knowledge and an even stronger motivation to shape sustainable industries and work towards the green transition.

But the journey has just begun: in the months and years to come, the network will continue evolving and striving for a better change in the industry sector. The path ahead seems challenging, but it will pave the way for the generations yet to come.

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