The political will: a key point for the success of Vilawatt’s Transferability Plan

We are always speaking about the main 5 pillars of Vilawatt project: a local energy governance structure; green energy supply; new local currency, new training and assessment services, and increase of retrofitting works. However, political consensus is clearly one additional pillar that we have to keep in mind, as it will be crucial for our project’s success.

This was the conclusion of the political representatives meeting that was held on 20th April, where the political representatives from the three cities that will implement the Vilawatt project (Trikala –Greece-, Seraing.-Belgium- and Nagykanizsa –Hungary-, led by Viladecans, will promote the process of energy transition in their respective cities) were together with Viladecans team, lead by Jordi Mazón, our Deputy Mayor for Energy Transition and the Vilawatt project. The main objective of the session was to exchange our learnings and best practices, and start building together the political mission of the next 18th months. 

The meeting also helped clarify the initial doubts that arose and acted as a starting point to tackle the challenges that lie ahead of us until September 2022. We will have to adapt to our local and national contexts, having always in mind that the goal of the project is to create and boost a similar governance structure and to empower our citizens.

Having a project like Vilawatt in a medium-sized European city implies:

  • A shift lever to develop a long-lasting energy transition process.
  • Big consensus between all the political groups of the council due to the fact that it is a European project. 
  • Boost the European projection and visibility of the city: in the last 4 years we have attended more than 60 talks and conferences to explain the Vilawatt experience.
  • Be aligned and in solidarity with the planet from a political point of view. Comply with the SDGs, achieve the CO2 reduction goals… etc.
  • Promote a change in the governance of the energy model: energy management is now our competence (going from private hands to public ones).

Viladecans team, as the leader of the transfer network, is formed by Marina Jarque, Director of Communication and International Relations of the City Council and coordinator of the Vilawatt UIA TM project; Arnau Alarcón, ULG Coordinator, and Mireia Sanabria, Vilawatt Lead Expert. 

Europe is watching us now! With this idea in mind, we will continue to work hard to successfully implement the project and contribute to making our cities better and more sustainable. This was just the first of the political meetings that will take place during the implementation period.

Submitted by Miriam Martín on 04/05/2021
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Miriam Martín

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