RU:RBAN participates in the Croatia URBACT Cities Workshop

Edited on 24/11/2021

The Croatian Association of Cities, which is Croatia’s National URBACT Point, held on 28th October 2021 a one-day workshop for the country’s cities involved in the second cycle of URBACT’s  transfer networks. The workshop took place in Zagreb ( .

The event brought together representatives of the cities participating in the networks, URBACT experts and representatives of the City of Ozalj, which is partner in the URBACT pilot network focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals ( ).

Andrea Barić from the City of Split, one of RU:RBAN Second Wave’s partner cities,  presented the project and the activities the city will be conducting during the project’s lifetime.

The workshop was structured in three parts: the first part consisted of each city presenting their activities and challenges within their network; the second part was dedicated to a group session during which participants had the opportunity to discuss integrated action plans, small pilot actions and the use of abandoned urban spaces; the final part of the workshop was dedicated to the presentation of initiatives and actions for the implementation of the URBACT programme in the new programming period, and the mention of the publication of a Call for Planning Networks in June or September 2022 as the starting point of the URBACT IV programme.

Submitted by Patricia Hernandez on 24/11/2021
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