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    Are participatory processes a fantasy_COVER

    Are participatory processes a fantasy? Not for URBACT!

    Municipalities are daring to give more voice and space to citizens in policymaking. Stories from URBACT…

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    Citizen participation? What an idea!

    Article by Christophe Gouache, Lead Expert of the Active Citizens URBACT network and designer at Strategic Design Scenarios

  • URBACT Local Groups? Struggles ahead!

    ULG, which stands for URBACT Local Group (ULG), is a key ingredient of the URBACT methodology that can be found in all networks and programmes. But what's an ULG? An URBACT Local Group is a group of

  • Transnational cooperation in a pandemic situation, the story of Active Citizens network

    The Covid-19 profoundly shook the world. No one was at rest. Everyone had to learn new ways of living, new ways of working, new ways of communicating, new ways of socializing. And obviously, European

  • Citizen participation? Hell no!

    Citizen participation? Hell no! is a card game composed of 42 cards which are 42 reasons, arguments, pretexts, etc. for NOT doing any citizen participation! We all know, indeed, that not everyone –

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    Do we need participatory democracy to save democracy?

    Everyone acknowledges today that democracies around the world are increasingly challenged. The number of issues they have to face – and have difficulties to respond to (social justice, economic