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    Is the compact city model endangered? Article COVER

    Is the compact city model endangered?

    Three Action Planning Networks (2019 - 2022) came together to gather inspiration on how people can experience and move through the city.

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    Re-humanising cities: new approaches to urban mobility and public space

    How are towns and cities rebuilding streets for people, not cars? Answers in the latest URBACT Walk and Roll Cities webinar…

  • Greening as a pathway to resilience in urban areas

    Leafy places in cities can greatly improve health and happiness. But here’s the thing: green isn’t always good for everyone.

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    Walk and Roll Cities: a transformation towards people-centred streets

    Meet the URBACT cities exploring links between mobility and public space to promote sustainable, inclusive, attractive urban areas.

  • Cities are finding innovative ways to help poor neighbourhoods

    See how SmartImpact is sharing its learning.
  • The German Presidency conference ‘Europe’s Cities Fit For Future’

    Subjective notes by URBACT Expert Iván Tosics on this input event for the New Leipzig Charter.


  • Metropolitan areas under the pandemic

    What can we learn about Functional Urban Area governance from Covid-19 responses?

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    Urban Heritage within URBACT projects

    Culture and Heritage are key topics for URBACT cities: from renovations of historic buildings to new management methods.