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    Green jobs @IStock

    What will happen to our jobs when cities go climate neutral? 


    URBACT Expert Eddy Adams explores the green shift’s potential impacts on employment.

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    URBACT networks and the ‘Just Transition’

    Green, affordable energy and transport, support for SMEs and innovation. Our cities are taking action on climate+social justice.

  • What have we learned about transferring urban good practice?

    URBACT Expert Eddy Adams talks us through the experience and lessons of the first generation of URBACT Transfer Networks.


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    Enter the ‘facilitar’: URBACT’s guide to online facilitation

    Check out URBACT’s hints and tips for networks' and cities’ online collaboration, including a set of online resources.

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    Is Covid a game-changer for the New Leipzig Charter?

    Expert Eddy Adams asks about the latest developments and impacts of Covid-19 on the renewed Leipzig Charter.

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    New times, new tools

    Expert Eddy Adams reflects on the impact of Covid-19 on URBACT and transnational cooperation.

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    URBACT Transfer Lessons

    Urban Solutions: five early lessons from the URBACT Transfer Networks

    Find out why (and how) to share urban good practices!

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    Five ways to promote an integrated approach in your city

    Lessons from the URBACT City Lab #3 focused on the principle of integration.

  • Participative governance

    Cascais’ Participatory Budget: an inspiring example

    How one medium Portuguese city's participatory budget acts as a platform for democratic change by shifting attitudes.