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  • ALT/BAU - At the end of a long journey

    We look back on two and a half years of intensive work in the URBACT ALT/BAU transfer network. What have we achieved together? We proudly present our results: 

  • Hidden pearls on the Black Sea - Constanta's Transfer Story

    Constanța was founded by Greek settlers documented in 657 BC. The city is the oldest continuously inhabited place in Romania. The historic district is located on a peninsula in the Black Sea and has

  • Future Agencies - the ALT/BAU offspring

    The famous ALT/BAU babies are not the only offspring of the ALT/BAU Transfer Network. In the ALT/BAU network, the aim was to transfer the URBACT Good Practice from Chemnitz - the Housing Agency for

  • Battling residential emergencies

    “Housing is healthcare”. This sentence popped up in a recent discussion around the Corona mitigation efforts that cities are undertaking to strengthen the livelihoods and well-being of their citizens

  • The dream of different living or as Claude Berri said in his 2007 film “Ensemble c´est tout”

    Since around 2017, the Housing Agency Chemnitz (URBACT Good Practice) has been increasingly asked about opportunities and houses for housing projects. Some groups of friends had grown the desire to

  • The unsung heroes of the ALT/BAU Transfer Network - we would like to thank...

    As is so often the case and in so many companies, the ALT/BAU network also had students working as interns. We would like to thank them today for their valuable contributions. 

  • A Tale of Two Cities. Transfer Stories from East and West.

    Two German cities are currently lead partners in the 23 URBACT Transfer Networks. Altena in North Rhine-Westphalia and Chemnitz in Saxony. Altena shared its best practices on how to develop

  • L. O. Story - Not yet the Chemnitz Transfer Story

    The ALT/BAU transfer does not only take place on a European level and not only in big cities. Parallel to the Housing Agency receiving the URBACT Good Practice Award 2017 and the start of the ALT/BAU

  • Riga: From Refill to ALT/BAU - Temporary use as a tool for reactivating vacant buildings and areas

    ALT/BAU Project Manager Villiams Vrobļevskis shares his personal experiences in two URBACT Networks and how temporary use is applied as a tool for revitalising vacant buildings in Riga in his Transfer