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  • Tropa Verde in Nice (Transfer Story)

    Tropa Verde, Covid and Alex: is it a “nice” transfer story in Nice?

  • Tropa Verde in Zugló (Transfer Story)

    Tropa Verde is in line with Zugló’s environmental priorities and challenges to change its citizens behaviour towards waste recycling. Municipality of Zugló initiated cooperation with FKF (the capital-

  • Tropa Verde in Pavlos Melas (Transfer Story)

    What is changing in the recycling behaviour in Pavlos Melas?

  • Tropa Verde, 3R+1: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle + Reward

    This week we are closing the European Tropa Verde URBACT Project, and this morning we enjoyed the final online event.

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    Tropa Verde in Opole Agglomeration (Transfer Story)

    In 2018-19, in Poland they were facing many problems related to waste management, such as landfill fires often organised by the so- called "garbage mafia", illegal landfills, abandoned waste, etc

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    How does Tropa Verde works?

    In this video we show you how Tropa Verde works in Santiago de Compostela.