Tropa Verde, 3R+1: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle + Reward

Edited on 14/05/2021

This week we are closing the European Tropa Verde URBACT Project, and this morning we enjoyed the final online event.

We spent this morning closing the Tropa Verde project with a virtual event in which there was a bit of everything: In a first block, we had words from the URBACT secretariat on the project (represented by Clémentine Gravier), we learned in detail about another Transfer Network, Resourceful Cities, and as the project goes on in 3 of the cities involved, and there was time for a retrospective of what Tropa Verde was through our Lead Expert Yvan Corbat. In a second block, we saw local cases of partner cities within the Tropa Verde: Carlos Ribeiro, from the Guimarães landscape laboratory, talked about interesting projects on bottle recycling, as with waste cigarette butts and chew gums; “Redevelopment of the former Camp of #PavlosMelas, based on reusing principles", explained by Boutoura Katerina, from Department of Urban Policies and Funding Strategies of the Municipality of Pavlos Melas. In the final block, we enjoyed with “The sound of recycling” project, a piece of dance and music created by students from the Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Programme of Reina Sofia School of Music of Madrid. The conference finished with the interesting report “Outcomes of Urban agenda partnership on circular economy”, by Axelle Griffon, Coordinator Climate and Environment at the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR).

The event was affected by the measures of prevention of the COVID-19, so it had to be 100% virtual. In this link you can see the follow-up that was done to the event from Twitter.

You can (re)watch the whole event on Tropa Verde´s Youtube channel:

You can download the presentation used during the conference:

- Resourceful Cities Transfer Network by Jan Harko Post
- Tropa Verde presentation by Yvan Corbat
- Metropolitan Park (Pavlos Melas - Greece) by Katerina Boutoura
- Landscape Lab (Guimarães - Portugal) by Carlos Ribeiro
- CEMR presentation by Axelle Griffon

Finally, we would like to thank the participation of all the people and organizations that participated in the event or the project.

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