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  • RiConnect Mid-Term Review – Linking the Metropolitan Agenda with Place-Based Solutions

    In July 2021 RiConnect initiated a mid-term review process with the purpose to reflect on the project status for our eight partners. Here are the views of our Lead Expert, Roland Krebs, on our

  • The Place-based Planning Approach - Rethinking Metropolis Planning

    RiConnect Lead Expert Roland Krebs covers the confluence between urban planning and mobility infrastructure in this article. The integration of infrastructure can lead to new urban development

  • Towards a Resilient Ecosystem - Rethinking for adding ecosystem functions

    How to integrate ecosystem functions in infrastructure? RiConnect Lead Expert Roland Krebs reflects on the impacts of mobility infrastructure in urban climate, and on the possible solutions to

  • More Than Voids - Rethinking for Integrating the Infrastructure

    Roland Krebs, RiConnect Lead Expert, shares his view on the leftover spaces around mobility infrastructure. A better integration of infrastructure can lead to the activation of surrounding spaces and

  • How do we move? Towards a new mobility behaviour in metropolitan areas

    Mobility planning has a great influence in the physical and social structure of urban areas. In this article, RiConnect Lead Expert Roland Krebs advocates for mobility planning as a trigger for

  • Get ready for the urban future: Space for all, with or without pandemic

    RiConnect Lead Expert Roland Krebs reflects on the impact of the pandemic in mobility and the use of public space. The aftermath of COVID-related lockdowns has accelerated changes in the urban realm