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    From activation to planning : the Cities@Heart Quarterly Report

    The quarterly report of the Cities@Heart network encapsulates significant progress and initiatives in revitalising city centres across urban landscapes in the network. The report highlights ongoing

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    "All things, to all people, at all times", the Cities@Heart Baseline Study

    Covering themes from nightlife to the circular economy, the 30 URBACT IV Action Planning Networks began their journey of integrated urban development in June 2023. This baseline study, conducted from

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    Cities@Heart Baseline Study

    The purpose of this baseline study is to define the framework that will guide the learning, knowledge exchange and capacity building activities that will be developed over the two and a half years of

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    Falling in love with downtown: the URBACT Cities@Heart network is here!

    As a part of the URBACT IV European Programme, ten European urban areas come together to form Cities@Heart, a network dedicated to sharing best practices and innovations for improving city centre

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    Baseline Study visit in Charenton-le-Pont, France

    Cities@Heart: an URBACT Network proposing solutions for city centres, the testing ground for addressing future urban challenges

    In spite of urban sprawl and a franchise economy, city centres are on the rise! Cities@Heart is here to defend proximity and mixed use, making downtown more accessible and appealing for new