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    Szabolcs 05, Hungary, ULG, Beyond the Urban

    Empowering communities through URBACT Local Groups

    URBACT Local Groups (ULGs) are a cornerstone of our projects. ULGs are vital in fostering a participatory approach at the local level, ensuring that communities actively contribute to urban

  • Family photo, Transnational Meeting Beyond the Urban, Vic / November 2023

    Beyond the Urban starts walking at Vic's TNM

    Today marks the official launch of URBACT: Beyond the Urban, an ambitious three-year program aimed at fostering a more competitive, sustainable, and inclusive Europe by addressing key challenges in

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    Work session at TNM Vic

    Beyond the Urban: A Bold Initiative to Transform Europe's Urban-Rural Dynamics by looking beyond the car!

    In a groundbreaking effort to transform Europe's urban-rural dynamics, the URBACT initiative Beyond the Urban embarks on a three-year journey to tackle key challenges in connectivity. This ambitious