Empowering communities through URBACT Local Groups

Szabolcs 05, Hungary, ULG, Beyond the Urban

Szabolcs 05, Hungary

URBACT Local Groups (ULGs) are a cornerstone of our projects. ULGs are vital in fostering a participatory approach at the local level, ensuring that communities actively contribute to urban development. As we embark on the Activation Stage of our projects, a vast number of ULGs have been created among the Beyond the Urban partner territories, and First ULG meetings have taken place, starting to empower their communities:

Osona, ULG, Vic, Beyond the Urban, ULG- 14th September ’23 - Machico, Portugal

- 18th October ’23 - Bucharest-Ilfov, Romania

- 1st November ’23 - Kocani, North Macedonia

- 3rd November ’23 - Bram, France

- 7th November ’23 - Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

- 9th November ’23 - Szabolcs 05, Hungary

- 21st December ’23 - Treviso, Italy

- 23rd January ’24 - Tartu, Estonia

- 30th January ’24 - Osona, Spain

Our Lead Expert, Dr. Clyde Hutchinson, and network coordinator, Mònica Carrera, were present at some of the first ULG meetings during their site visits.

All of them included a wide range of stakeholders such as representatives of municipal departments, local institutions and organizations, local associations and NGOs, researchers, businesses, and mobility-related stakeholders. Involving this broad diversity of stakeholders ensures enhancing community engagement, addressing common challenges, and seeking consensus solutions. 

These meetings mark the beginning of a collaborative journey, where diverse voices come together to shape the future of our communities. This is one more step in the way to witness the positive impact of URBACT Local Groups in driving sustainable urban change.

Machico, Portugal

Machico, Portugal, Beyond the Urban, ULG

Kocani, North Macedonia

Kocani, North Macedonia, ULG, Beyond the Urban

Bram, France
Bram, France, ULG, Beyond the Urban


Submitted by Monica Carrera on 07/02/2024
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