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    Can public procurement leverage local food transition - COVER

    Can public procurement be a leverage for local food transition?

    Discover how cities have taken on the challenge to push for more organic, local and sustainable food systems.

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    Women using her phone to take a picture at the Tallinn URBACT City Festival

    Digital Transition in cities – how can it benefit citizens?

    Take a trip down memory lane with us. Re-discover stories and reflections that we've captured over the last years. This article was first published in 2019 and, yet, is more relevant than ever, with

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    Let's talk about food_COVER

    Let’s talk about food!

    URBACT Expert, Macelline Bonneau, shares thoughts on how to bring EU and local policies closer to each other.

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    Six solutions for city authorities to help us all waste less food

    Each year, EU households throw away millions of tonnes of food. What can cities do to support the fight against food waste?

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    Cities nurturing local food systems to fight climate change

    As COP28 had an unprecedented focus on the role of food systems, we look back at how URBACT cities helped put the issue on the table. 

  • The road to COP26: climate change at the heart of URBACT cities of all sizes

    Towns and cities must boost local actions to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. Three URBACT cities show how…

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    Urban Sustainable Food systems – join URBACT’s movement towards COP26!

    Food will be a key thematic topic for URBACT in 2021 – Programme Expert Marcelline Bonneau tells us what to expect.

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    Reinforcing local food ecosystems: a recipe for success?

    Discover how URBACT cities are using sustainable food and urban agriculture to address an array of local challenges.

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    Covid-19: a springboard for more food solidarity?

    How cities can sustain and transfer good practice in improving access to (healthy) food.