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  • Taking a look how success could look like helps finding your path to it!

    In May 2022, Space4People met to discuss how to promote our Integrated Action Plans (IAPs) to key stakeholders to strengthen ownership amongst stakeholders, assure adoption by political players and

  • Starting the change with the next generation – sustainable mobility workshops for pupils

    The municipality of Guía de Isora emphasised the improvement of mobility options for children over the last two years. As by its pilot on changing the traffic scheme of an access road to both, a

  • Local Communication has many facets

    Participatory planning, co-creation, co-management are fashionable “buzzwords” when you ask city practitioners on the recent trends in urban planning and development. And they are right: the best way

  • The pull side of the story – experimenting with a new public transport service to shift traffic from private car use in Panevėžys

    Panevėžys is the 5th biggest city of Lithuania and home to almost 93,000 inhabitants. It is located at the same distance to the Capital Vilnius as to Latvia’s Capital Riga. The city structure sees a

  • The case of redesigning the Vabaduse Street in Valga

    Our network partner Valga is a municipality of 15,500 inhabitants located at the Estonian border to Latvia. Administrative centre of the municipality is Valga town with 12,000 inhabitants. But Valga

  • Experimenting with public space in the inner city – the Summer Street in Turku

    Turku is home to 193,200 inhabitants and is Finland’s third largest city. It is located at the Baltic Sea and is well connected in the Baltic regions to the surrounding countries. Its inner city got

  • About the value of public space and the big question on how to best make use of it

    Almost two years ago, a small group of cities decided to improve how they make use of their public space. They teamed up under the umbrella of URBACT calling themselves Space4People. And they were not

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    How Arad engages its citizens in creating spaces for people

    Arad is home to 176,000 inhabitants and its locations very close to Hungary as well as close to the Serbian border. This setting gives Arad a key position for international road and rail connections

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    Creating space for people starts with talking to people

    Guía de Isora is characterised by its polycentric structure of 17 villages with 3 main centres and an overall low population density with about 21,000 inhabitants spreading out over 14,343 km². Public