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  • EU Green Week inspiration: 5 networks to watch

    Ania Rok, URBACT programme expert, takes a close look at URBACT's 5 most environmentally friendly networks.

  • Take a deep breath (or better not)

    How European cities are fighting air pollution?

    In November 2017 the European Environment Agency (EEA) launched the European Air Quality Index showing in real time the quality of air the EU

  • From nature lovers to nature activists

    How cities are reclaiming nature for citizens (and vice versa)

    Last Saturday I fell asleep in the park, basking in the unexpected rays of sunshine. I was grateful for this small patch of green

  • Circular economy: another buzzword or your city’s future?

    In times of decreasing resources and growing responsibilities, many cities and regions are understandably skeptical towards what seems to be yet another buzzword. However, a transition to a circular

  • Ready for the future? Urban resilience in practice

    Blog OP URBACT je otevřený příspěvkům od představitelů měst, akademiků, aktivistů na místní úrovni ze všech koutů Evropy (a světa), kteří by rádi sdíleli své praktiky, výzkumy a nadšení týkající se
  • Damaged (by) goods? The case for sustainable urban freight logistics

    Viaggio tra le esperienze di riuso temporaneo realizzate a Ravenna, punto di partenza dell'azione di rigenerazione creativa del territorio al centro del network URBACT Creative Spirits