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  • Quality Brands and Sustainable Food Systems

    In April 1957, the BBC broadcasted a short report showing a Swiss family harvesting their spaghetti crop from the family tree. Numerous viewers called the station after the coverage, interested in

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    A rural-urban connection to embed food in all policies

    Exponential growth in the planet’s population and its predominantly urban character are characteristics of our modern world. How are we going to feed this mainly urban population?

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    Travel Diary

    INT-HERIT is a network of cities that share and learn together in the implementation scenario of their cultural heritage management strategies. A type of methodology poorly known and

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    Tackling Implementation Challenges in small cities with 'Case Examples'

    ➔ Summary

    The INT-HERIT Implementation Network is now identifying and collecting data about
    the way small cities are tackling implementation challenges on their cultural heritage projects.
    New smart, low


    A few minutes after flying over the Pyrenees, the plane starts its descent to Toulouse airport, the nearest destination to Cahors, one of the small European cities participating in the INT-HERIT

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    Cahors is experimenting with participatory approaches

    Cahors will host the eight cities of the Int Herit network at a meeting that will take place from February 2019, 19 to 22. It will be the opportunity for Cahors to highlight the mobilization of its

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    Architectural heritage comes in all shapes and sizes! Ancient Greek theatres, roman sites, medieval castles, modernist streetscapes and 19th century industrial sites: the INT-HERIT network represents

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    Armagh County Club


    Armagh County Club was established in 1869 and has occupied the same premises for the last 149 years. The Club is a private members' club situated in the centre of the historic city of

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    Int-Herit Transnational Meeting Dodoni - Video & Report

    The network has published a new video produced after its seventh transnational meeting held last November in the municipality of Dodoni in Greece.