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    BLUACT: Why the Blue Economy is an increasing sea of opportunity

    A report by Darinka Czischke, Conor Moloney and Catalina Turcu

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    Building an effective entrepreneurship eco-system

    How can cities create effective programmes for promoting enterprise and entrepreneurship? How should cities respond to some of the structural changes currently taking place in the business start-up

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    How community-based social activism can develop, retain and attract young creative-tech talent in Europe’s cities

    GEN-Y City is an URBACT III Network exploring how European cities can develop, retain and attract the young creative-tech talent they need to thrive and prosper. One of the major findings coming out

  • Creating urban environments that inspire young people into ‘creative-tech’ careers

    Across the whole of Europe, the growing shortage of technical talent is starting to impact on urban economies. In this article, Jim Sims, the Lead Expert on the Urbact GEN-Y City Network, looks at