The Bee Path Cities - good for pollinators and therefore good for people

Edited on 05/04/2023

The Bee Path Cities network – a network of urban authorities that have come together under the shared vision of creating cities that are good for pollinators and therefore good for people was established in October 2022. Listen to five mayors explaining the greening changes in their neighbourhoods fostered by seeking to understand, adapt, re-use and upgrade the inspiring Ljubljana (Slovenia) ‘Bee Path’ practice. Learn what the Bee Path City network philosophy stands for and how to join HERE.


You can explore a diversity of approaches implemented in the cities covering the majority of different climate conditions for beekeeping, various types of bees, as well as different situations related to the perception of bees among the general public in inspiring stories of Bansko (Bulgaria), Bergamo (Italy), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Osijek (Croatia), Sosnowiec (Poland).


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