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    Final conference: EU cities – good for BEES is good for PEOPLE, a transformation into green sustainable cities and launch of Bee Path Cities network


    The final conference titled 'EU cities - good for BEES is good for PEOPLE, a transformation into green sustainable cities’ was the conclusion of the transfer of sustainable urban beekeeping

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    Our newsletter dedicated to World Bee Day and Education is here

    Today is World Bee Day, the perfect date to showcase all the news we have to share with you. Our partner cities have used this opportunity to educate people about bees on the single most important day

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    Cross-generational training is a path to lasting green awareness

    To act in an environment friendly manner is a key goal of modern cities. In order to instil ecological awareness in the mindset of each resident, it is a long and dynamic process. The first step is to

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    Celebrating World Bee Day 2022 under the motto “Bee Engaged: Celebrating the diversity of bees and beekeeping systems”

    On the 20th of May we are celebrating the World Bee Day round the globe. It is taking place on international level at FAO and Apimondia with partners (see more), within 115 countries that, in addition

  • The second newsletter is all abuzz about Biodiversity

    With this newsletter, we begin a series of theme dedicated newsletters, each linked to one of our partner cities.

    This issue is all about biodiversity in cities which depends on pollinators as much as

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    Biodiversity in cities depends on pollinators as much as on responsible residents

    Without bees 75% of our food plants would not yield any fruits at all, there would be a major economy loss in crop production, wildflowers would not ripen seeds and biodiversity would drastically

  • BeePathNet tools for EU cities to evolve into Bee-friendly

    After a two-year journey BeePathNet resulted in successful urban beekeeping development in Amarante (Portugal), Bydgoszcz (Poland), Cesena (Italy), Hegyvidék – XII District of Budapest (Hungary) and