Bees are knocking at your door!

Edited on 16/03/2022

Bees are knocking at your door!


Improved living environment for bees and other pollinators in six EU cities was the key focus of this year. Cities become a nicer place to live for all its residents, not just pollinators, but citizens as well. For the hard work and all the »honey« that we all put into greening, URBACT awarded Ljubljana with the opportunity to share its knowledge further and to build a strong network of Bee friendly cities. Cities of Amarante (Portugal), Bydgoszcz (Poland), Cesena (Italy), Hegyvidék – XII District of Budapest (Hungary) and Nea Propontida (Greece) were joined by Bansko (Bulgaria), Bergamo (Italy), Osijek (Croatia) and Sosnowiec (Poland). They took small steps such as planting melliferous plants, less mowing of public grounds, set up educational bee paths or just made sure that streets flourished. Activating societies, residents, the economy, public and private institutions… to do small projects is a breakthrough moment that transferred this initiative from “just another project” into a Bee-friendly city movement.

For 2022 we wish that this green movement will also come to your doorstep.

“Hardworking Bees” from

The Network of Bee-friendly cities

P.S.: It was the bumble bee and the butterfly who survived, not the dinosaur (Meridel Le Sueur).

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