Ian Turner

Edited on 20/03/2024

Ian Turner

  • France

  • English, French
  • ian.turner@energy-cities.eu
Availability :
Available for Lead Expert role and Ad-hoc expertise missions

Validated Expert info

Expert can perform the Lead expert role and Ad hoc expertise missions at network and programme level in relation to:

  1. The design and delivery of (transnational) exchange and learning activities
  2. Thematic expertise:
    > Energy Transition
  3. Methods and tools for integrated and participatory approaches:
    > Monitoring and evaluation for effective implementation


I have been working with European local governments for the last 20 years with a particular focus on energy and more recently community energy. I was lucky enough to qualify as a lead expert for Zero Carbon Cities within the previous Urbact programme and was introduced to the world of Integrated Action Plans and Urbact local groups. Although I had already been working for many years on participative planning it was great to enter this structured world of tools and cooperative experts where everyone is doing their best to help cities of all shapes and sizes progress in planning for better futures.