Maria João Filgueiras-Rauch

Maria João Filgueiras-Rauch

  • Portugal

  • Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Availability :
Available for Lead Expert role and Ad-hoc expertise missions

Validated Expert info

Expert can perform the Lead expert role and Ad hoc expertise missions at network and programme level in relation to:

  1. The design and delivery of (transnational) exchange and learning activities
  2. Thematic expertise:
    > Social Innovation
    > Jobs and Skills
    > Participatory Governance
    > Circular Economy
  3. Methods and tools for integrated and participatory approaches:
    > Integrated and participatory design of strategies
    > Sustaining engagement of stakeholders and translating strategies into actions


Is an diplom-Engineer that worked for the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity in Portugal (where she has an unpaid leave) and now is registered as an independent consultant in Munich – Germany. She is a qualified programs and projects evaluator with more than 20 years of experience as well as a local development expert working on a perspective of integrated socio-economic development. In this field has special relevance the labour market and the social policies. She gained her vast experience in this field through her extensive work on international projects, on IPA technical assistance projects to countries in pre accession phase (Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey) as well as during her employment at the Portuguese public employment service and at the city of Munich Department for Labour Market and economy.  During her employment at the Portuguese PES she was Director of Studies and Organisation at the headquarters and part of the group that designed and elaborated the ESF Operational Programs (in the first and the second Programming periods 1989 to 1993 and 1994 to 1999). In the city of Munich she was for seven years the project coordinator of two projects that were the main pillars of the Labour market policy especially addressing the integration of disadvantaged groups in the labour market. Another important dimension was Gender for which she has elaborated a concept and a plan for implementation of this dimension in all the 15 sub-projects. For the last 3 years she has worked 2 as policy advisor of the Minister of Family and Social Solidarity in Malta and 1 year as consultant for International Relations and CSR of the President of Malta.

During her 30 years of professional experience she proved her outstanding experience in

developing labour market and social inclusion policies.

Most relevant expertise:

  • Experience URBACT Methodology (Bottom-up, integration, Participation, Co-creation)

  • Experience in drafting methodologies for on-going labour market monitoring in line with recommendations laid down by the EU Employment Policy

  • Experience in co-creation and implementation of employment and social inclusion policies

  • Experience in identifying education and training needs and capacity building for migrants according to Labour Market needs

  • Extensive experience in moderation, mobilization and capacity building for partnership work

  • Experience in Programme and project Monitoring and Evaluation at European and countries’ levels.