Volunteering Cities

Volunteers connect cities, from compassion to action

03/04/2019 14/06/2021


This Transfer network makes use of Volunteerism to approach social exclusion and poverty at the community level. Focus is given to an inter-generational collaboration where different age groups of both volunteers and individuals facing social problems work towards a sustainable evolution of the quality of life within local society. The network aims at structuring the volunteering activity giving validity to a bottom up approach, where volunteers can decide and implement actions.


LEAD PARTNER : Athienou - Cyprus
  • Altea - Spain
  • Altena - Germany
  • Arcos de Valdevez - Portugal
  • Athy - Ireland
  • Capizzi - Italy
  • Pregrada - Croatia
  • Radlin - Poland


Municipality of Athienou - 2, Archbishop Makarios III Ave - 7600 Athienou Cyprus


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Kick-off meeting (May), Transnational Meeting (August), End of Phase 1, Beginning of Phase 2

Transnational Meetings (February, March, June, October, December)

Capacity Building, Workshops

Transnational Meetings (February, March), Final Conference, URBACT City Festival

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