Miguel Rivas

Edited on 08/06/2023

Miguel Rivas

  • Spain

  • Spanish, English, Portuguese
Availability :
Available for Lead Expert role and Ad-hoc expertise missions

Validated Expert info

Expert can perform the Lead expert role and Ad hoc expertise missions at network and programme level in relation to:

  1. The design and delivery of (transnational) exchange and learning activities
  2. Thematic expertise:
    > Communication
    > Culture
    > Knowledge economy
    > Local economy
    > Strategic urban planning 
  3. Methods and tools for integrated and participatory approaches:
    > Integrated and participatory design of strategies
    > Sustaining engagement of stakeholders and translating strategies into actions


30-year career fully devoted to place-based economic development and innovative urban policies, with a special focus on the growing role of cities as key actors for change. In 2007, I start as international expert through my own advisory boutique TASO. Since then, and in parallel to numerous technical assistances and assignments, I´ve regularly been appointed (four times so far) as Lead Expert for URBACT  —in URBACT Kairos, the ambition was to fully realize the potential of heritage as a driver for sustainable urban development through an ad-hoc integrated approach; in URBACT InFocus, we addressed smart specialisation as an overarching approach capable to re-invigorate the local economic agendas; in the pioneering URBACT CityLogo, the ambition was re-learning city branding from an integrated and participatory urban development perspective; URBACT Creative Clusters was a systematic exploration on how to promote local creative ecosystems in small and medium-sized cities.

Thus, needless to say I enjoy a lot the ever challenging work of designing and conducting large-scale, transnational peer learning and capacity building projects leading to concrete action planning. In this framework (also including Interreg and H2020) I have supported over 40 cities, including Dublin, Oslo, Liverpool, Bologna, Vilnius, Frankfurt or Skopje. Further to Lead Expert, I have been engaged in other URBACT short-term missions, such as Ad-Hoc Expert or facilitator in past editions of the URBACT City Festival and the URBACT Summer University. It´s worth mentioning that, previous to my work as international expert, I was hired as CEO to launch Seville´s brand new Local Development Agency, where I promoted a renovated local economic agenda and had the opportunity to introduce a number of innovations on how Development Agencies are governed in Spain.

Thematic expertise:
  • Communication > city branding
  • Culture > urban heritage, cultural and creative industries
  • Knowledge economy > innovation ecosystems, innovation spaces, smart specialisation
  • Local economy > entrepreneurship and SMEs, cluster development, creative economy
  • Strategic urban planning > urban agenda, urban regeneration, multi-level governance, small/medium-sized cities