URBACT Good Practices

The ever-growing database of URBACT-labelled Good Practices includes insider knowledge on how cities across Europe have brought  positive change around just, green and productive cities, following URBACT’s core principles of participation and integration.

The showcased initiatives are effective practices, policies and projects that have been successfully put into place and could be exactly what you are looking for in your own city. Most Good Practices are low-cost and high impact. They should be shared, adapted and scaled up. Stay tuned for the next URBACT call for proposals to submit your own success story!



  • Bydgoszcz / Poland

    Enriching the urban jungle with bees

    Connecting sites for bees freedom

  • Gothenburg / Sweden


    Fossil Free Energy Districts - a piece of the puzzle for energy transition

  • Viladecans / Spain


    Innovative local public-private-citizen partnership for energy governance

  • Milan / Italy


    New Skills for new Jobs in Peri-urban Agriculture

  • Mantova / Italy

    Arts and culture driving climate activism

    You can act for climate in a different way than you thought of

  • Troyan / Bulgaria

    A municipal farm to supply local canteens

    Paving the way for city leadership in local food production

  • Zugló / Hungary

    Rewarding re-use and recycling

    Bringing together citizens and businesses for a more environmentally friendly society

  • Pozzuoli / Italy


    Agro-Urban Landscape to combat poverty and redevelop the urban environment

  • Ljubljana / Slovenia

    Bee path

    Building together the story of bees in urban areas

  • Bologna / Italy

    Managing climate change in the city

    A climate adaptation plan designed and implemented with local stakeholders to increase resilience on a metropolitan scale