Cities After Dark

Night time economy for sustainable growth

01/06/2023 31/12/2025


Life in cities continues even after dark. The 'Night Economy' is made up of activities that are essential for a city to function 24 hours a day and play a significant role in the global economy. It covers diverse sectors such as mobility, entertainment, hospitality, emergency services, security, logistics, services, etc.
Nightlife is an important factor for tourism in many cities, which faces various challenges such as safety, regulation and environmental impacts (noise and light pollution). It is up to the authorities to balance the development of the night-time economy with the quality of life of residents.
The night-time economy is dynamic and has a significant impact on urban life. It offers economic, cultural and social opportunities, but also requires careful management to deal with its specific challenges.



LEAD PARTNER : Braga - Portugal
  • Varna - Bulgaria
  • Zadar - Croatia
  • Málaga - Spain
  • Tallinn - Estonia
  • Nicosia - Cyprus
  • Paris - France
  • Genoa - Italy
  • Budva - Montenegro
  • Piraeus - Greece


First Transnational meeting on 13-15 November in Braga, Portugal.


Lead Expert