Virtual Solutions for Real People

01/07/2023 31/12/2025


Metacity aims to increase competitiveness of small and medium tech-aware cities, benefiting from the opportunity to enhance service efficiency and citizen satisfaction provided by the metaverse. By integrating metaverse technologies, cities can create immersive digital environments for education, healthcare, tourism and public services, enabling streamlined communication, remote access to services, and personalized experiences, leveling the playing field with larger cities. Metaverse-driven urban planning fosters innovation, economic growth, and ensures that citizens have access to cutting-edge solutions, ultimately improving their overall quality of life.

People with virtual reality  glasses looking at the hologram of the city

LEAD PARTNER : Fundão - Portugal
  • Campobasso - Italy
  • Industrial Systems Institute, Athena Research Center - Greece
  • Písek - Czech Republic
  • Nevers - France
  • Razlog - Bulgaria
  • Újbuda - Hungary
  • Härnösand - Sweden
  • Mostar - Bosnia-Herzegovina


First transnational meeting on 30-31 October 2023 in Písek, Czechia.

Second transnational meeting on 4-5 April 2024 in Újbuda, Hungary.

City visit on June 11-12, 2024 at Imagine the Metaverse Event in Tampere, Finland.


Lead Expert