Innovative approaches in periurban agriculture territories

14/06/2021 01/12/2022


The NEXT AGRI UIA - URBACT Transfer Mechanism pilot network builds from the experience of Milan. The city decided to set up an urban coalition with a series of partners to scale up this positioning in the peri-urban agricultural industry, setting up a stable growth and creating new jobs and skills. The project is mainly an urban policy experimentation that follows the place-based approach, focusing on new skills for new jobs in peri-urban agriculture. The project area can be defined as an “urban fringe”, representing the transition zone between the consolidated part of the city and the agricultural lands.This project aims at transfer to other 3 cities the processes and strategies implemented to create a favourable environment to develop new opportunities in the food system transformation in the urban and per urban agriculture sector.



Lead Partner : Milan - Italy
  • Stara Zagora - Bulgaria
  • Almere - Netherlands
  • Vila Nova de Gaia - Portugal



  • Kick off meeting online
  • Next Agri Bilateral meeting Almere - online
  • Next Agri Bilateral Meeting Vila Nova de Gaia - online
  • Next Agri Bilateral meeting Stara Zagora - online
  • First transnational meeting in Almere - online
  • Second transnational meeting in Stara Zagora - online
  • Third Transnational Meeting in Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Field visit to Milan
  • Transnational meeting and field visit in Almere

  • NEXT AGRI site visit

    Why the Transfer Mechanism does not work without sites visits


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  • UTM capacity building meeting in Paris

    Capacity building and URBACT Method: updates from the Paris meeting

    The first meeting in person after 2 years of pandemic has been a very powerful tool to empower URBACT Transfer Mechanism pilots. Next Agri partners met in Paris at the URBACT capacity building meeting with the aim of exchanging experiences and estate of the art of the project


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  • NEXT AGRI - visit to Vila Nova Gaia (PT)

    Vila Nova de Gaia's a step closer to more sustainable agriculture

    Written by Carla Pires and Sofia Morais, Gaiaurb from the Câmara Municipal de Gaia


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