Residents of the future

Finding solutions to influence the urban shrinkage

01/06/2023 31/12/2025


Residents of the future wants to address the issue of urban depopulation within small and medium-sized cities. By focusing on digital transformation, economic diversification and city branding, it will explore innovative approaches towards evolving trends in work, lifestyle and communication, to enhance the cities’ attractiveness for prospective investments and inhabitants. The network enables cities to redefine their advantages in comparison to larger metropolitan areas, and develop holistic, citizen-centric solutions that support demographic revitalisation and sustainable urban growth.


URBACT - Residents of the future

LEAD PARTNER : Sibenik - Croatia
  • Alba Iulia - Romania
  • Mangualde - Portugal
  • Saldus - Latvia
  • Plasencia - Spain
  • Kalamata - Greece
  • Iisalmi - Finland
  • Saint-Quentin - France
  • Mantova - Italy
  • Trebinje - Bosnia-Herzegovina


First transnational meeting on 26-28 September 2023 in Sibenik, Croatia.


Lead Expert