Call for Innovation Transfer Networks: first updates are here!

Edited on 10/04/2024

URBACT Innovation Transfer Networks 2024

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The URBACT IV programme has received 19 proposals for Innovation Transfer Networks from 109 partners across 25 European countries.

The URBACT IV call for Innovation Transfer Networks ran from 10 January to 20 March 2024, accepting proposals from partnerships led by cities who had formerly implemented Urban Innovative Actions projects. Cities from across the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia were eligible to express their interest and join the proposals as Project Partners. 

While the selection process is ongoing, let's take a look at who applied, and in which thematic areas.


Innovation Transfer Networks in a nutshell


The URBACT Innovation Transfer Networks will officially kick off in September 2024. Partners will work together for over two years to understand, adapt and re-use the innovative practices previously funded under Urban Innovative Actions.  They will engage in exchange and learning activities, work with URBACT Local Groups on developing Investment Plans for their cities (‘Continuity Plans’, in the case of Lead Partners) and benefit from URBACT capacity-building and knowledge opportunities. 


Top subjects and interests per country


The leading thematic areas of the project proposals are ‘Jobs and skills in the local economy’ and ‘Urban poverty’, with three applications each, followed by ‘Culture and cultural heritage’, ‘Digital Transition’ and ‘Urban security’, with two proposals per topic. The diversity of subjects does not end there, with further applications varying from climate change adaptation and environment to housing and integration of migrants and refugees.

In terms of geographical coverage across the 19 submitted applications, Portugal is represented by 15 partners, closely followed by Spain and Italy with 14 partners each. Greece comes in fourth, with 11 applicant cities. It is relevant to mention that for this call, a single partnership could not have more than one Project Partner from the same country. See the detailed breakdown per country.


Call for Innovation Transfer Networks - Submitted applications



What’s next?


Now that the call for Innovation Transfer Networks has closed, the selection process has begun. The URBACT Secretariat has already performed the eligibility checks, and soon the External Assessment Panel begins its work to evaluate the applications. 

Assessed proposals will be shared for the consideration of the URBACT IV Monitoring Committee who will ultimately select at least 10 Innovation Transfer Networks on 28 June 2024. 

Cities from Ukraine and Moldova will be able to join the approved Innovation Transfer Networks, following a distinctive call for applications open for cities from these countries to be published in June 2024. 

Keep an eye on the URBACT website for the official call results. In the meantime, stay tuned for other URBACT opportunities and sign up for our newsletter here!



Submitted by URBACT on 28/03/2024