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    Group of people visiting the urban garden in Mouans-Sartoux (FR). Photo by European Urban Initiative.

    5 bite-size morsels for cities to transform local food systems

    Cities have a strategic role to play when transforming food habits for a more sustainable system. Here are five ways to help kickstart the change.

  • URBACT Innovation Transfer Networks 2024

    Call for Innovation Transfer Networks: first updates are here!

    The URBACT IV programme has received 19 proposals for Innovation Transfer Networks from 109 partners across 25 European countries.

  • URBACT public consultation post 2027

    Shape the future URBACT

    New INTERREG consultation on territorial cooperation post 2027: Have your say and put cities front and centre! 

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    Illustration of several people in a city with the slogan "Read the latest updates on the Action Planning Networks" in the sky and the hashtag #URBACTacts.

    European cities driving change through URBACT Action Planning Networks

    Get to know the areas of action and the latest updates of these 30 URBACT networks. 

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    Common solidarity kitchen (photo credit UIA project Tast'in Fives).

    Feeding change: Cities empowering healthier and more sustainable food choices

    Over the last five years, the French town of Mouans-Sartoux has reduced the carbon impact of its inhabitants by more than 20%.

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    Urban solutions in conflict: Ukraine’s cities take their place in URBACT

    Two years after the Russian invasion, the URBACT programme is coming to Ukraine.

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    Urban garden in Mouans-Sartoux (FR) - Photo by François Jégou

    EU City Labs take on agriculture and food systems

    How can we put the transition issues related to food back on the table and in the minds of policy-makers and citizens?

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    European Union flags at the European Commission Berlaymont building.

    Streets to summits: exploring the urban agendas of the Spanish and Belgian Presidencies

    Find out what’s in store for cities during the next EU policy cycle.

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    A group of people crossing the zebra crossing.

    URBACT Networks: the search for a perfect partner

    How to put together a strong partnership for an URBACT Network.