Breaking Barriers Using Innovation Procurement as a Strategic Tool

#EURegionsWeek 2023

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11 October, from 16.30 to 17.30 (CET)
SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre, Room 213-215
Session code: 11WS23239


We all know that innovation can break down walls. But how public procurement fits in? This workshop will present how cities and regions across Europe could use innovation procurement in practice, present concrete examples, e.g. of how the challenges faced by local and regional stakeholders could attract the interest of top-notch European innovators, and promote developed tools and training.

The EU Urban Agenda, the EIC, URBACT and ICLEI explore synergies for the benefit of both cities and regions and use innovation procurement as a strategic tool. Participants will learn about:


  • how practitioners are working in networks to seize public procurement and bring innovation to their cities;
  • what are the existing synergies among different organisations working in the EU landscape;
  • and why your city should reconsider the way public procurement is perceived. 





European Week of Regions and Cities 2023 - Innovative public procurement




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Submitted by URBACT on 20/09/2023