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    Get ready for the Innovation Transfer Networks!

    The new URBACT call builds on almost a decade of experience supporting the transfer of effective urban solutions.

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    9 navdihov s srečanja U.R. Impact v Cinisellu Balsamu

    Med 4. in 6. decembrom 2023 smo se mudili v Cinisellu Balsamu, mestu v severnem delu metropolitanskega območja Milana, na prvem mednarodnem srečanju URBACT akcijske mreže U.R. Impact.

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    How “Dissonant” Cultural Heritages can foster Democracy in European cities.

    The history of Europe has generated an heritage that sometimes is controversial and complex due to belong to totalitarian regimes or contentious borders. This heritage has been called “Dissonant”

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    URBACT meeting in Tampere

    Suomalaisten APN-kaupunkien keskustelutilaisuus Tampereella

    Parikymmentä URBACT-hankkeissa toimivaa tai sen parissa muuten vaikuttavaa kotimaan kansalaista kokoontui 8.9.2023 Tampereelle livenä tai etänä vaihtamaan kokemuksia alkaneen uuden ohjelmakauden

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    URBACT Innovation Transfer Network -haku, tammikuu 2024

    Innovaatioiden siirtoa (Innovation Transfer Networks, ITN) koskeva hankehaku avautuu 10. tammikuuta 2024.

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    Family photo, Transnational Meeting Beyond the Urban, Vic / November 2023

    Beyond the Urban starts walking at Vic's TNM

    Today marks the official launch of URBACT: Beyond the Urban, an ambitious three-year program aimed at fostering a more competitive, sustainable, and inclusive Europe by addressing key challenges in

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    Promoting the 30-minutes Territories - Challenges and Ambitions for Small and Mid-size Communities