The time to join the URBACT pool of experts has finally come!

The next call for URBACT IV Experts is finally open -- and will remain so until 2027.

Joining our pool of expert opens the door for a variety of expertise missions for supporting approved URBACT networks and the URBACT Secretariat. Validated Experts are most usually invited to contribute to the work developed by funded projects and cities.

The current call for Action Planning Networks is a great occasion to support cities as a Lead Expert, someone who follows thoroughly their 2.5-year exchange and learning journey developing local Integrated Action Plans. Alternatively, experts can also be called out to do Ad-hoc missions to provide punctual inputs to either the beneficiary cities or the URBACT Secretariat, in order to contribute to programme activities – such as URBACT Universities, URBACT City Festivals, URBACT Knowledge Hub actions, as well as for the thematic and strategic programme support.

Interested candidates can apply to either become a Lead Expert – able to perform the corresponding role with URBACT networks, in addition to ad-hoc missions – or become an exclusively Ad-hoc Expert who’s specialised in at least one of the three types of the following types of expertise:


Expertise for the design and delivery of TRANSNATIONAL EXCHANGE AND LEARNING activities
THEMATIC KNOWLEDGE with a  wide array of subtopics relevant for sustainable urban development in cities
Methods and tools for INTEGRATED AND PARTICIATORY APPROACHES for the design and delivery of policies


Lead Experts must be validated in all of the above, in addition to a specific skills category, which is crucial for maximising the impact of exchange and learning activities and knowledge production. Since they play such a vital role within the URBACT networks, they need to prove previous experiences when it comes to leadership and coaching approaches.

Any candidate must show an adequate set of communication skills and face circumstances related to the hybrid working reality. These will be required for all experts in the pool, regardless of the missions they can perform. Such skills include relevant proficiency in English, ability to communicate complex concepts in accessible way, sufficient writing skills and the ability to work effectively with the use of digital tools.

It’s important to note that any individual – not consortiums or consultancy agencies – can apply to become an expert at any point in time during this programming period (2021 – 2027). We need professionals with both academic and hands-on experience, especially city practitioners with proven practical and thematic knowledge. 

During the past edition of the programme, URBACT III (2014 – 2020), 328 people have been validated as experts. In total, 45% of them had at least one mission commissioned by the programme. For URBACT IV (2021 – 2022) we aim to increase this rate by offering further opportunities to those who are validated in our pool. Since we have new priorities and criteria set for the years to come, the application form has been shaped to translate the programme’s needs, this means that URBACT III Experts will also have to go through the new URBACT IV validation process.


Where to start?


First of all, be sure to carefully read the guidance for applicants, then, you can proceed to complete (a long) application form.

But take it easy! You can save the draft for your application as many times as you wish, before finally submitting it. To do so, you will be asked to create a website login. Were you an URBACT III Expert? You can still use your previous login information to access the URBACT IV application form.

The validation process can take up to three weeks, including online interviews. Lead Experts for the next round of Action Planning Networks will be selected after the approval of the projects by URBACT's Monitoring Committee, in the summer of 2023.




You have waited long enough, now it's time to join [u]s as an Expert!


Submitted by URBACT on 13/12/2022