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  • Insights from the Lead Partner on Digital Inclusion

    Neus Parés

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  • Insights from the Project Partners on Digital Inclusion

    Neus Parés

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  • Insights from our Lead Expert on Digital Inclusion

    Neus Parés

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  • Leaving No-one Behind in a Digital World

    Technology is a marvellous thing. The Covid-19 pandemic has helped us to take a huge leap forward in embracing digital technology in all walks of life. From remote working, to online shopping, to greater acceptance of digital signatures, submitting our tax forms online, video-calling our friends and family in other countries with just a few clicks, using digital tickets for trains and buses, social gaming with our friends online, and fast contactless payments with one tap of our smartphone. Life has never been smoother.


    Or has it….?


    Digital solutions are making a huge difference to our lives. But not everyone experiences those differences in a positive way. What if you don’t have a smartphone? Or don’t have internet at home? What if you’ve never learnt to use a PC or tablet? What if you fear getting scammed and your money stolen, like your friend did last year…?!

    For so many people in our communities, technology is not a marvellous thing – it’s something which makes them feel excluded and makes life more difficult.

    Ian Graham

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  • The DIGI-INCLUSION Consortium in the First Transnational Meeting in Mollet del Vallès

    DIGI-INCLUSION Network 1st Transnational Meeting in Mollet del Vallès

    The 1st Transnational meeting of the DIGI-INCLUSION network was held in Mollet del Vallès on November 13th, 14th and 15th and was attended by delegations from all the network partners:

    - Mollet del Vallès (Lead Partner).

    - Jelgava Local Municipality (Latvia).

    - Alexandroupolis (Greece).

    - Municipality of Torres Vedras (Portugal).

    - Gdansk Entrepreneurship Foundation (Poland).

    - Iași (Romania).

    - Boulogne sur mer Développement Côte d'Opale (France).

    - Lepida ScpA (Italy).

    - Department for Development and International Projects of Zenica- Doboj Canton (DDIP ZDC) (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

    As well as the participation of URBACT Secretariat Director, Teofil Gherca.


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