Alba Iulia - Integrated Action Plan

A better life for the locals in Alba Iulia and a friendly town for the tourists who are visiting us this is how we can resume the scope of all our IAP. Through this integrated strategy Alba Iulia Municipality wants to create the right environment to accelerate the digital transformation of businesses, organisations and public administrations, and improve the life of our citizens by becoming a „launch pad" for developing and implementing smart solutions meant to attract tourists and to become a more livable town. We support all the smart initiatives and local policy makers to understand the application of advanced technologies and the opportunities they provide, so that they can design flexible, future proof policies, because a digital city is a place in which the life quality of inhabitants comes first.

This is what we try to do in Alba Iulia. Since last year, The Other Capital as we like to name Alba Iulia started to take big steps to become the technological capital of Romania.

We established ourselves as a beacon for the transformative power of digitalisation based on the goal of the pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 that defines Alba Iulia at this moment as an experimental environment and a friendly ecosystem for smart technologies and as a testing platform in a wide range of areas. The partnerships signed with experienced companies, associations, clusters, research institutions, universities or with start ups create a win situation in which all our partners will have the chance to test and to showcase their smart solutions having the city as a testing platform and also as an open market for other town halls, institutions, companies or local/national stakeholders. Alba Iulia municipality, by collaborating with stakeholders and ULG, has the ambition to make the city a better place to live. The ULG group and the stakeholders are acting now as paradigm changing agents, helping the city to put advanced technologies at the service of the people living here and at the service of tourists.

The city has recently invested in connectivity projects to enhance the experience of visitors to the area, including 5 digital solutions with Orange: WiFi hotspots in the areas with high touristic potential; the AlbaIulia app an excellent solution for communicating with the citizens and tourists also, a CityAnalytics platform; Civic Alert a solution through which residents can announce infrastructure or public service issues; digital classroom a smart solution for digital catalog in two colleges in Alba Iulia; etc.

4 projects managed in partenership with ClujIT Cluster: PEDITEL (a solution in the telemedecine field); Donez450 (a platform and an app for blood donors); the smart platform OKEY for entrepreneurs, which was presented and analysed in a "full day" workshop, back in 21st of november 2017 and the CityHealth application a solution through which residents can announce infrastructure or public service issues in real time. A smart digital classroom solution in partnership with Telekom (through Adservio, a Telekom partner) in 18 schools in Alba Iulia; 690 tablets, equipped with dedicated SIMs with mobile internet traffic included, were given to teachers to easily manage the platform “Electronic Catalogue” provided by Adservio. The municipality also implemented a project with The Euro Jobs Company, called "360 Scan" in order to realize a virtual tour of the town by scanning all major buildings and objectives in 3D technology. In partnership with FastOrder, a local startup, the municipality managed to introduce the application in a few HoReCa entities in Alba Iulia. Through our IAP we also want to raise the efficiency of the management of existent resources (from energy resources, material, financial, logistical to human resources).

We are aiming to use the smart instruments/projects/solutions and some other facilities to create a city pad or a digital city platform in order to attract new investors, to raise the visibility of the city and to grow the number of tourists which has a big impact upon the economy of the city and also upon the wellness of the citizens. We want to put Alba Iulia of the Great Union on the map of the touristic cities in the world. We believe so much in our touristic potential, as we have no doubt that the resources coming from tourism will raise more and more the standard of living now existing in Alba Iulia.

Municipality of Alba Iulia

Submitted by fvirgilio on 02/05/2018