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    Genoa Final Conference – Study Visits

    The Interactive Cities Final Conference that we had the honor to host in our city almost two weeks ago, was also the occasion to organize thematic site visits to show to our guests some of the unique

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    Final Report - A roadmap to digital Urban Governance

    The results, the objectives achieved and the work carried out during the project, all summarized in the Final Report, a real Roadmap to Urban Governance.

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    Alba Iulia - Integrated Action Plan

    A better life for the locals in Alba Iulia and a friendly town for the tourists who are visiting us this is how we can resume the scope of all our IAP. Through this integrated strategy Alba Iulia

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    This is not the end!

    On 11-13 April the Interactive Cities final conference was held in Genoa to showcase the potential and challenges of social media and digital tools experimented at local level. Cities involved in the

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    Here we are, just few hours and all the Interactive Cities will meet in Genoa for the closing moment of our project.

    Genoa is preparing a rich program for our friends cities: we will dedicate time to

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    Innovability: can social media innovation foster development in the field of urban mobility?

    The final report from the Genius-open project.

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    Cities and social media - The Genoa Final Conference

    In this period of general crisis of social media, cities offer important solutions to promote the civic use of platforms which can increase economic development, civic participation and local

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    Murcia - Integrated Action Plan

    How can cities develop long-term strategies that integrate the goals of more sustainable resource use, reduced carbon emissions and more equitable social development? Learn more through this video
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    CLLD Lisbon - Integrated Action Plan

    The CLLD Lisbon Network - Community-Led Local Development aims to develop effective models of local co-governance of the city that favour the implementation of actions articulated between the social