Bees would say “You need me, honey!” and we challenge you to “Bee a year 2021”!

Edited on 24/12/2020

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Dear Bees around the globe!


The year 2020 was full of Buzzzing and amazing moments, with a very unique development of »bee friendly initiatives« in BeePathNet partner cities: Ljubljana, Slovenia; Amarante, Portugal; Bydgoszcz, Poland; Cesena, Italy; Hegyvidék, Budapest, Hungary and Nea Propontida, Greece. We hope that our thematic newsletters on Biodiversity, Education, Awareness raising, Tourism, World Bee Day 2020 and New products with our partners’ colourful set of good practices inspired you to join the movement. If you overlooked any of them, you can find them in the archive at this link.

Before you wrap up this year, let us know which of our stories inspired you most and what changes happened in your city / institution / at home. You can send us your story in English or in your national language and we will publish the best of them in our next newsletter.

Bees would say “You need me, honey!” and we challenge you to “Bee a year 2021”!

Wish you holidays full of joy and a happy New year.

BeePathNet team


Submitted by v.erhart on 14/12/2020