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On the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, Europa Nostra and its President Maestro Plácido Domingo invited all citizens in Europe and beyond to contribute to the #Ode2Joy Challenge. The best entries in the Ode2Joy Challenge will be included in a special video of the project which will be shown on 22 June during the European Heritage Awards Ceremony at the Berlin Congress Centre.

From the INT-HERIT Project, we would like to follow up this excellent idea, encouraging creative local people from our cities to produce any kind of artistic expressions immersed in their favorite heritage sites, record them on video and share them with us, ready to be released and shared trough our social media.

It could be a way to encourage the reinterpretation of our sites, promoting visits to them through multiple visions, as many as visitors or users may the cultural sites of our cities have. A participatory and co-creative approach to make the storytelling of our sites, as a first step for a more participatory management.

We started it in Baena, sharing a video recorded in the Municipal Historical Museum. A group of young people of the city have come together to collect a unique, poetic and vital moment, around a song and the images captured from the site, the artist, the echoes of a contemporary voice that speaks to the ancient cold of the earth in winter, next to the monumental Roman sculptures that also come from old stone...

The artists responsible for this video that we present here, are:

Composer, violin, voice and piano: Ángela Varo Moreno
Lyrics: Laurenn Berthélem Malpica
Film: Luis Muñoz Cubillo
Producer: Alfredo García Picazo
English Translation: Carmen Rodríguez García


The Municipal Historical Museum of Baena is located at the heart of the city, in a building, the House of Tercia, cataloged by its historical and monumental character and contains in its three floors important collections connected with different stages of local history, highlighting the numerous findings from the archaeological site of Torreparedones.

Link of interest: Europa Nostra 



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