Transfer Story from the City of Radlin in Poland (Silesia Region)

Edited on 10/05/2021

Radlin is an urban commune in the district of Wodzisław, located in the Voivodship of Silesia in Poland, inhabited by 17 759 people, which is 11 % of the population of the Wodzisław County. Radlin as an industrial city is part of the Rybnik Agglomeration in the centre of the Western Subregion of Silesia Voivodship. One of the key challenges of the Radlin City is the demographic situation. A disturbing phenomenon is the change in the size of the individual age groups. In the period 2009-2019 the number of people in post-working age in Radlin increased by 28%, while decreasing of over 7% in the number of people in working age.

That’s why we entered the Volunteering Cities Project.


   Our journey…

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