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    Volunteering Cities+ Quarterly Network Report 1

    This is the first Quarterly Report of the second wave network “Volunteering Cities +”. It includes a comprehensive view of the Improved Good Practice, of the partner cities and of the working

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    Looking for just societies through volunteering!

    Cities that face currently emerging multidimensional social needs such as elderly and children care, social isolation and depression, unemployment and poverty, just to name some, need to develop

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    Be a resilient city through participation and volunteerism! - Transfer Guide

    Interested in:
    - Creating more needs-based social solutions with the help of volunteers?
    - Managing more effectively resources by coordinating the interventions?
    - Alleviating the social budgets with the

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    Our journey at a glance

    Read the newsletters issued by our network during its lifespan and the Learning Logs of all partners to discover our journey! 

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    How to be a Volunteer? - A Transfer Story from Arcos de Valdevez

    In 2018 our Municipality joined the network of transferring good volunteering practices. It should be noted that the Municipality of Athienou is a lead partner of this Volunteer Network, of which

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    Altena - A Transfer Story

    Our starting point: We had already a working volunteering base, the STELLWERK and we also had some great projects which are going on in Altena, but we have one really big problem we need new and young

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    Transfer Story from the City of Radlin in Poland (Silesia Region)

    Radlin is an urban commune in the district of Wodzisław, located in the Voivodship of Silesia in Poland, inhabited by 17 759 people, which is 11 % of the population of the Wodzisław County. Radlin as

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    Athy Transfer Story: Volunteering at its best

    Athy ULG has a wonderful story to tell about volunteering and intergenerational work with the Good Practice and volunteerism to the fore supporting our older people within our society due to the