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    Focus on funding and implementation for EU cities - by Claudio Bordi

    Ad-hoc expert Claudio Bordi explains the most suitable funds for RiConnect projects and how to orient the plans to get the funding, explaining the broad context of European funds and showing resources

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    Facing unpredictable – challenges connected with co-creation process within the RiConnect project

    The main idea and desired outcome of the co-creation process within RiConnect project includes developing assumptions of integrated actions suitable for the Integrated Action Plan Area in cooperation

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    The metropolitan dimension of mobility planning

    In today's world, the ability to move freely is one of the basic needs of residents. We move every day for various purposes, to work, to school, to use the services or the unique advantages of a given

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    Public space: connecting mobility infrastructure to the community

    A journey always starts at the front door of your home, workplace or other location. It doesn't start at the stop where you get on a tram or metro. The Vervoerregio is committed to making door-to-door

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    Mobility: ensuring decarbonisation is at the heart of rethinking our infrastructure

    In the efforts to reduce carbon emissions, mobility is a key issue. Read here how our partner TfGM is promoting a more sustainable mobility model, both by favouring the shift to cleaner modes, and

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    Towards more human-scale mobility infrastructures

    Transnational meeting in Baia mare was focused on brokerage and the new role of public administration in boosting social innovation.
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    Major Development Agency Thessaloniki

    Our Greek partner empowers the Thessaloniki metropolis and supports municipalities in managing and implementing sustainable urban development, mobility and accessibility plans and projects

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    Krakow Metropolis Association

    The Krakow Metropolis Association aims to foster cooperation for the sustainable development of the Krakow Functional Area. To do so, the entity supports transport operation and manages the

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    Think infrastructures in context: human ecosystems - by Bahanur Nasya

    We often wonder why some infrastructure projects are loved and cherished by citizens while others aren’t. It’s not only the quality of the project that determines its success but the acceptance it