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  • Gavà organises a meeting with its partners

    Gavà, a municipality that belongs to the metropolitan area of Barcelona, hosts for 4 days its European partners of the URBACT Transfer Network BoiCanteens#2. During these days, the host city has shown

  • We all have a good reason to distrust organic certification!

    The visits to the 4 initial BioCanteens partner cities revealed different forms of reluctance towards organic certification... which is a bit strange for cities that have just embarked on a process of

  • How BioCanteens accelerated local food initiatives in Liège? 

    The particularity of the Transfer of Good Practices, promoted in the URBACT Transfer Networks, is that they play a different role depending on the Partner City. In some cases, it kicks starts a

  • Mouans-Sartoux and its Food Project - Interview to Gilles Perole

    "Every region, every city, every department, every household should be able to define its own food sovereignty." (Gilles Perole, Deputy Mayor of Mouans Sartoux)

  • Why should we all eat organic?

    Why should we all consume more organic products? Together with the French researcher and expert Denis Lairon, we have discussed the main benefits of organic on human health as well as its impact on

  • Tiny Practical Steps for change: TransNational Meeting in Wroclaw, Poland

    The 2nd Meeting of the BioCanteens#2 Transfer Network took place in Wroclaw, from the 22nd  to the 25th of November, under the theme "Micro Good Practices". The meeting gathered the four project staff

  • Getting to know each other: our City Visits

    Between August and September, The Lead Partner's Team had the chance to visit the BioCanteens #2 Partners in their cities: Evora (PT), Wroclaw (PO), Gavà (ES), and Liège (BE). City Visits allowed us

  • Mouans Sartoux Welcomes its Partners

    The relevance of the Kick-Off Meeting (KOM) lies in the experience of the Project Partners who get to taste, visualize and believe in the mission they embarked on. And this is marvelous in the case of